History of the Kamakurabori Wood Carving Cooperative Association

■鎌倉彫協同組合 活動の歴史■







Kamakura bori Wood Carving has been continued by sculptors for Buddhist Statues from the Kamakura Age (AC.12th~14th), and in the Meiji Age, the GOTO & the Mituhasi has revived as the Artworks.

After world war Ⅱ, in the Showa Age in 1951, the Kamakurabori Wood Carving cooperative Association has been founded.

First of all, we made the cooperative plant to produce the bases for wood carving,  and accepted trainees from Akita Prefecture. In 1964, we had gotten subsidies from Kamakura City and Kangawa officials, had constructed the Kamakurabori Hall as an operation center.

For now, to develop successors of craftsman, we started "The Kamakurabori Wood Carving Training High School", Cooperative Procurement center for bases, Cooperative Marketing operation, and Exhibition activities. 

We are actively operating to improve the Traditional Art Works of Kamakurabori in both side of Manufacturing and Training.