Junior School






Develop by your own work.

Learn a basic operation of engraving knife and how to carve traditional designs and make your original works. Through those activities, develop children's own characteristics and originality. Elementary school students and Middle school students will join in a same class that makes a fun environment.     




授業日時 第2・4土曜日 13:00~16:00

対象 小学校4年生~中学校3年生

入会金 3,000円

年会費 900円(半年分)

月  謝 4,900円

教材費 材料費・塗り代など、別途。

彫刻刀使用料 1回300円 ※販売品もご用意しております。


お申し込み 以下フォーム、または鎌倉彫会館2階 事務・受付にてお申し込み下さい。場所 鎌倉彫会館


お問い合わせ 鎌倉彫教授会 

We accept your entry at any time. Please don't hesitate to ask us for trial.


Time Table : 2nd and 4th Saturday by each month, 13:00~16:00

Entry qualification : The 4th grade of an Elementary School to the 3rd grade of a Middle School student.

Enrollment Fee : ¥3,000

Annual Fee : ¥1,800

Monthly Charge : ¥4,900

Others : Text, Material, Painting charge will be required.

Rental for Engraving Knifes per 1 time : ¥300. 

*Those charge will be changed without notice.

Entry : Fill in the application sheet and send it to our office at the Kamakurabori Hall 2F.

Inquiry : ご連絡は0467-25-1500