History of the Museum





In 1977, the Kamakurabori repository was established for organizing and studying the works of Kamakurabori, replica works of the masterpieces, reference works and the books of Kamakurabori. The building originally was a private gallery for the Mitsui family situated along the Tsuji-Seppo Street of Kamakura city. The institution initially was a closed private space and restricted to visitors, but later changed its name to “Kamakurabori Shiryokan” and became a museum open to the public.
In 2005, the museum moved to the ground floor of a hall along the Wakamiya-Oji Boulevard and newly opened with the earthquake proof building.
In 2007, according to the 29th article of the Museum law, this institution was officially registered as a museum by Kanagawa prefecture.
In 2016, the museum was renewed and the exhibition space moved from the ground floor to the third floor of the building considering the security of the collection and the improvement of the exhibition space and its environment.
Throughout the year, our museum holds special exhibitions of Kamakurabori as well as activities such as workshops for education and the promotion of Kamakurabori.